This is a printing solution which takes care of all the printing needs of a customer. The idea is that while the customers can be indulged in their business exploiting their core competence, we take care of all their printing requirements without bothering them perpetually. It basically gives them ‘Peace of Mind’ as we seamlessly take the full burden of their printing needs.

Cartridge World India provides printer plus service plus toner cartridges plus MPS software, all as an integrated package to it’s customers. This is done after understanding the customer's requirements by carefully doing the monthly printing analysis of the customer which is a one time exercise.

franchise with Cartridge World India
As a solution provider, we are very flexible in terms of offering this service to our customers. We can either supply a new set of printers/multifunction printers or use the existing ones with the customer or add/alter a few devices depending on the customer's printing needs. This also helps in bringing optimization in the system. Added by the most economical cartridges and all round services of the printing devices, this is the most sought after solution by the customers.

The customers have the following options :

  • to outright purchase the printers and then use our other services at a nominal cost
  • to buy the printers on rent and then use our other services at a nominal cost
  • Use our services at a fixed monthly cost without buying the printers either as outright purchase or on rent
  • Pay only for the number of pages they print every month, rest everything on us
For the above services, we will also give free consultancy on the printing requirements of a customer which will definitely help them do hassles-free printing very economically.

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