Franchisee FAQ's

  • What is Cartridge World ?

    Cartridge World is the world leader in refilling and refurbishing of inkjet and toner cartridges. Headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, the company has a strong franchise network in over 51 countries with more than 2000 stores. We were voted by Entrepreneur magazine as one of the world's fastest growing franchises and also awarded ''Franchisor of the Year'' in the recent past.

    Over the last decade, our stores across the world have been successfully providing an environmentally sound, affordable solution to the growing costs of replacing printer cartridges. A Cartridge World store offers the consumer an alternative to purchasing new whilst helping to save the environment.

  • A typical Cartridge World store is also a one- stop shop for all printer and photocopier needs providing:
    Refilling of OEM Inkjet Cartridges
    Refilling and recycling of OEM Laser Cartridges
    Supply of OEM Cartridges
    Supply of High Quality Specialty Paper and other printer accessories

    Special features like ''While you wait'' service and 100% money back warranty have ensured a large base of loyal and satisfied customers globally.

  • What does setting up a Cartridge World Store on a Franchise basis entail?

    Franchising today is one of the most common business models which has been adopted by some of the most well-known brands. In the US, more than 65% of the service industry revenue is achieved through 'franchised' outlets. Even in India, it has had significant success with established companies like NIIT, Aptech, SSI, Archies, VLCC, Shahnaz Husain, Lakme etc. A franchisor supports the entrepreneur (the franchisee) with its brand name and also vast industry/business knowledge. As a result, a typical entrepreneur has best of both the worlds, the satisfaction of running his own business and the support of a well-known large organization.

    Setting up a Cartridge World store in India, requires entering into a Franchise agreement with AFL Private Limited as the Master Franchisee for the Indian subcontinent. Franchising at Cartridge World exists in a three tiered structure. The parent company Cartridge World appoints and supports Master Franchisees who in turn appoint and support individual franchisees. AFL, as the Master Franchisee in the Indian subcontinent will provide the technical know-how and support whereas individual franchisees will set up and operate their stores

  • Who is an ideal franchisee for setting up the Store?

    Consistently superior quality of services is the cornerstone to ensuring success of a Cartridge World Store. We, therefore select each franchisee with utmost care. A proper due diligence is carried out before finalizing a franchisee.

    An ideal franchisee will have the following characteristics:

    He will have a prior track record of running a successful business venture.
    He should be able to devote a significant amount of his time to the store.
    He will have a social standing, enjoy good reputation and exhibit integrity.
    He will be genuinely interested in the business.
    He will strictly abide by the guidelines given by the Master Franchisee.

    Individuals looking purely for quick returns or productive utilization of their idle space or building are not necessarily the right candidates and are likely to be discouraged.

  • What is the first step towards becoming a Franchisee?

    Anyone who is interested in becoming a franchisee can contact Head – Franchise Development directly by telephone either at the head office in Mumbai or by e-mail or fax. (Details provided in the Contact Us section of website) He can also apply directly through this website or download the franchisee form and send it to our postal address. On receiving the preliminary information, the prospective franchisee will be required to fill and submit a Franchise Application Form and sign a non- disclosure agreement. The concerned person from Cartridge World will then meet him and discuss the details of the business. He will also assess the franchisee's ability to run the business.

  • How can a prospective Franchisee obtain detailed information about the project?
    If your profile is found suitable, you will be required to attend a meeting with our Senior Management at the Cartridge World headquarters in Mumbai. During this meeting, you can obtain detailed information about the project, including investment , revenue and cost parameters. You could also seek clarification on any questions you may have, related to the project

    Additionally, you could plan to visit some of our operational Cartridge World stores at various locations in India and abroad, to get a first hand feel of the business.
  • What are the formalities involved in selection of a Franchisee for the Cartridge World store?

    Depending upon your conviction about the project and our assessment about your ability to successfully take it forward, we will sign the Franchise agreement, officially appointing you as a Franchisee for Cartridge World. A filled in Franchise Application form, the signed non-disclosure agreement, the financial disclosure statement in prescribed formats and payment of the Initial License Fee of Rs 3 lakhs are few pre-requisites to be able to sign the Franchise agreement.

  • The best brand in Cartridge refilling, high profit margins , a proven successful business model and a good location.
    Success is guaranteed, right?

    Wrong. The most important ingredient for success is the franchisee himself. His managerial ability, interest in the business and extent of personal involvement in the business determines the success of the store. Which is why, as in all franchise businesses, we would have extraordinary performers and average performers.

  • How long would it take to start operations from the time of signing the Franchise Agreement?

    The time taken from signing the Agreement to commencing operations depends to a large extent on a few critical factors like, the selection of a suitable site, tying up the finances and completing licensing requirements. Also, the time required for stores requiring a large amount of civil work is typically longer than that required for establishing stores in sites with ready infrastructure. If there are no major issues, it is easily possible to commence operations within a time frame of 6-8 weeks from the date of agreement.

  • Can I form a partnership venture with other business partners for taking the store franchise?

    You can decide to partner with anyone else for taking the store franchise. However, we will assess each person individually before signing the agreement. It is also to be noted that the Franchise Agreement is signed with one entity only and is non transferable.

  • Can a franchisee only be an investor? If I put up funds and agree to a different sharing pattern, is Cartridge world head office
    willing to manage the business? Else, can I appoint a professional manager to run the business?

    We are into the business of franchising. Normally, we do not encourage such arrangements.

  • What is required in order to set up a Cartridge World store?

    In India, Cartridge World store will require a carpet area of about 27 to 40 Sq. Meter at ground floor level and should preferably be close to an area with high density of population.

    It is envisaged that the store will be on leased/rented premises. However, franchisees may also consider purchasing existing buildings. A Cartridge World store typically requires investments ranging from Rs.15 to Rs.16 lakhs*.

  • What is the role of the Master Franchisee?
    The relationship between the Master Franchisee and the franchisee is modeled on best international franchising systems. As the franchisor, we will provide all support for setting up and later running the store.

    The overall scale of operations will ensure that the franchisee enjoys excellent cost competitiveness - both during implementation stage and later during operations.

    A Cartridge World franchisee can expect following:

    A well established international brand name with proven business systems

    Technical know-how and ongoing access to new developments in printing technology
    Initial and ongoing technical and business education training
    Store Development assistance
    Supply and logistics support
    Promotional support
    Cartridge World's ability to spend continuously on Research and Development, in the rapidly changing cartridge and ink technology
    Guidelines on commissioning and pre-launch Activities

    In addition to above, Cartridge World can also assist in mobilization of loans for stores in India through banks and other financial institutions

    On an ongoing basis Cartridge World will provide support in the following areas:

    Employee Training
    Technology Upgrades

    Cartridge World has developed detailed manuals outlining each and every aspect of the operations of the store. Additionally, we also provide good support during operations, including service quality reviews, operations audit, and continuous training programs.

    Right from pre-launch, launch to post launch a suitable marketing and communications strategy, including branding would be developed that will guide you to successfully execute and implement local level marketing and promotions.

  • What assistance does the Master Franchisee provide in marketing for the store?

    We help in marketing the store at three levels:

    We provide ongoing support in brand building for Cartridge World. We will continuously be developing a range of products such as loyalty programmes and extensive support for our store network in various PR initiatives to ensure high degree of saliency.
    Regional marketing will be done where more than one store in the region stand to benefit from the promotion. The expenses for such marketing are shared equally by all the franchisees in the region. We will provide creative/technical inputs, as well as operational details.
    Store specific marketing will be done where specific programs are launched at the store, including the initial launch campaign. While the expenses for these are borne by the store concerned, we assist in developing the creatives and operational details.

    In addition to all of this, our marketing department would be making marketing support visits to your store on a periodic basis.

  • How are franchisees assisted in managing the Cartridge World business, about which they may have no knowledge
    or understanding?

    Our franchisees would already be people with excellent managerial skills. We would further equip them with business education training, technical training, extensive manuals on operations and Information Technology. In addition to this, they will also receive support visits from our functional experts who would constantly guide and update them on the market trends to make this business a success.

    We expect franchisees to pick up good business knowledge in the first year of operations itself, with all our support and guidance.

  • What is the investment required for a Cartridge World store? How profitable is it?

    Investment and Revenues

    A Cartridge World Franchise requires an investment of around Rs 15- Rs 16 lakhs* and a space of 27 to 40 Sq. Meter.

  • What are the fees involved?

    In India, we charge an 'Initial License Fee' of * Rs. 3 lakhs at the time of signing the Agreement. This agreement is valid for a period of five years.

    As Franchise Service fee, we will charge *6% of the gross turnover of the store which will be payable on a monthly basis. In addition, the franchisee is required to pay applicable taxes.

    * Initial License Fee and Operating License Fee may be revised at AFL Pvt. Ltd. discretion

  • Will AFL make an investment (even a token amount) in Cartridge World stores?

    Since the chain of Cartridge World stores is being set up on a franchise basis, the franchisee will be responsible for the entire investment. Where requested, we will assist the franchisee in arranging term loan from a bank. However, we will not be able make any investment individual franchised stores nor give any guarantee to the lender

  • What will be the name of the store? Can the name be altered or modified?

    Every store will be called ' Cartridge World' The name and signage has been standardized globally and no deviation, beyond our stated guidelines, will be permissible.

  • What would be the profile of a typical Store Manager?

    The store manager should preferably be from a retail background with excellent managerial skills, marketing acumen and a flair for customer relationship management. He would have about 4-5 years of work experience, preferably in a retail outlet.

  • How many people do I need to employ to run the store operations ?

    To begin with, there are 5 people in the store. However, depending on refilling volumes and footfall, more people may be added later on.

  • Can I invest in more stores in different locations at a single time? What are the economies of scale involved for the franchisee
    in such a case?

    We would like to allocate a Franchise only for one store in the beginning. Based on the business performance and customer feedback, we would consider allocating a franchise for more stores. Since our 'Initial License Fee' is already based on Economies of Scale, no further reduction of fees can be considered.

  • Are the locations for opening a store restricted? Can the stores be set up anywhere in India?

    We have prioritized certain cities based on market research data available with us. Some of these cities are being considered for implementation in the first phase itself. Other cities shall be covered in the second and third phase. We foresee completion of all three phases in the next 3 years itself. For information regarding specific locations, please contact our corporate office.

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