Franchising Support

A Cartridge World franchisee can expect following:

  • A well established international brand name with proven business systems
  • Technical know-how and ongoing access to new developments in printing technology
  • Initial and ongoing technical and business education training
  • Store Development assistance
  • Supply and logistics support
  • Comprehensive Point of Sale system ( POS)
  • Promotional support
  • Cartridge World's ability to spend continuously on Research and Development, in the rapidly changing cartridge and ink technology
  • Guidelines on commissioning and pre-launch Activities

In addition to above, Cartridge World can also assist in mobilization of loans for stores in India through banks and other financial institutions

On an ongoing basis Cartridge World will provide support in the following areas:

  • Marketing
  • Employee Training
  • Technology Upgrades

Cartridge World has developed detailed manuals outlining each and every aspect of the operations of the store. Additionally, we also provide good support during operations, including service quality reviews, operations audit, and continuous training programs.

Right from pre-launch, launch to post launch a suitable marketing and communications strategy, including branding would be developed that will guide you to successfully execute and implement local level marketing and promotions.

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