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Why recharge at Cartridge World

At a Cartridge World store you can get almost all types ink and laser toner cartridges 'recharged' for business & home use. We can recharge your empty/used printer cartridges with guaranteed 'as good as new' performance, for a fraction of a cost of new ones thus offering huge savings. Additionally recharging printer cartridges encourages reuse and thereby helps in reducing waste and protecting the environment as well as creating local employment opportunities as opposed to importing new cartridges.

Cartridge World understands the fact that each cartridge is unique in how it functions and the components it uses. Hence, we use cartridge specific raw material and cartridge specific recharging process to ensure that the customer's re-used cartridge gives him output as good as new in all respects.

-It helps make significant savings to the cost you incur on printer cartridges –
as compared to buying new
-It offers you printing quality "as good as original"
-It offers you page yield "as good as original"
-It offers you reliability and superior quality – 100% money back warranty* on every cartridge recharged at a Cartridge World store, which not only guarantees the quality but also alleviates you from any printer damage worries.

·To Download the Warranty Certificate click here

-At Cartridge World we can recharge a large range of ink & laser cartridges (even the ones with smart chips & chemical toners).
-You get much more out of a cartridge – we can recharge a printer cartridge many times as compared to unorganised, semi-organised refilling brands and the remanufactured cartridges available in the market.

·How does Cartridge World 'recharge' your cartridges? …click here

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To find out more & contact our retail stores for an obligation free quote please mail us on mail@cartridgeworld.in


Call on 080 – 2244 5545 between 10 am to 6 pm (Monday to Friday)

Franchise enquiries solicited.

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OR Call: 080-2244 5545 or mail on franchise@cartridgeworld.in

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